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Re: [css-d] Stupid css tricks

Sent by Arlen P Walker on 31 January 2002 14:02

>Turns out I picked the wrong tags! E.g., this worked for me on Opera, IE
>5/Mac, Mozilla but not IE 6/Win:
>  BODY { background-color: #FF0; }
>  BODY>DIV { background: url("white.gif") transparent; }
>I think IE 5/Mac just doesn't recognize HTML as a element that can be

pot-type: jack;

That's it. I had a slightly more complex image than that, but it appears
IE/Win doesn't recognize a child selector descended from the body tag. I
had three fields (a set of nested divs and an h1) that I wanted this to
work with and by starting from the body>div1id>div2id I was able to exclude
at least up to IE5.5/win (haven't tried 6 yet) while IE5.x/mac and
NS-Moz/both see the child selector and act accordingly. (BTW, IE5.5 *did*
recognize and apply div1id>div2id but dropped out of the hunt when I added
body as parent.)

Thank you Craig!

Have fun,
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