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Re: [css-d] RE: z-index

Sent by Philip King on 31 January 2002 14:02

On 31/1/02, [EMAIL-REMOVED] (Rijk van Geijtenbeek) wrote:

>>>(Only tested this on IE 5.1 on Mac.)
>>I'm using IE 6 for Win2000, and I'm not seeing the layers stacking,
>>they are actually all appearing underneath each other. Is this how
>>it's supposed to render?
>In Opera 6, if you make the window small enough, they overlay. The Z3
>content is overflowing, but I suppose that's caused by my font size.

Yes, that's pretty much exactly what I see in Opera 5.0/Mac. I'll work
on the code when the kid's finally got to bed.

I'd intended it to work such that changing the window size would let you
see one block overlapping another. There must be better ways of
demonstrating it though.

 - Philip


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