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Re: [css-d] IE links outline problem

Sent by aardvark on 31 January 2002 13:01

> From: "eoghan" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> to get rid of the dotted lines use this:
> <a href="blah" onfocus="this.blur();">link</a>

please don't do that... it's actually a barrier to accessibility...

try using a page with no mouse by tabbing through... as soon as 
you tab into the link, it loses focus, so you can't select it or get 
past it...

not only that, but most people get rid of it because they don't like 
the way it *looks*... this is the web, get used to it... it's actually a 
usability bonus to have that there... i rely on it, and i know many 
other people do...
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