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Re: [css-d] css file extensions?

Sent by Michael Efford on 31 January 2002 13:01

> Yes, it wouldn't be a problem at all as long as the style sheets are
> as text/css. That might be a pain to configure it you do choose .html as
> your 'custom' extension because you have to devise a scheme to separate
> files that should go out with the text/css MIME type and the text/html
> That said, the underlying concept is fine. In fact, for a few projects
> generated style sheets on the fly via PHP or perl - so the html might look
> like this:
> <link rel="StyleSheet" href="my_styles.php" type="text/css">
> ... But because the script sends the proper headers it all works out just
> fine.

I did this with Coldfusion, generating my stylesheet on the fly and using
<link rel="StyleSheet" href="styles.cfm" type="text/css">
But I found that Mozilla 0.97 wouldn't have a bar of it. Mozilla is
apparently a very standard browser and I wanted my site to work on any
future browsers. So I resorted to putting all my css inside my html files.
Basically I think you can do it, but it won't validate properly.

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