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Re: [css-d] IE links outline problem

Sent by eoghan on 31 January 2002 12:12

to get rid of the dotted lines use this:

<a href="blah" onfocus="this.blur();">link</a>

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From: "Peter-Paul Koch" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 5:45 PM
Subject: Re: [css-d] IE links outline problem

: >I've got an annoying problem with IE (at least in the windows version,
: >afraid to ask what the mac version does).
: Mac works fine.
: >When you click on the  links in
: >IE, the little dotted outline extends all the way to the left side of the
: >screen (over the content portion).  In NS6 and Opera it stops at the
: >between the links column and the content column.
: Yep. I guess this is a new bug (or at least, unexpected behaviour) in IE.
: gets confused by the float and thinks the navigation block stretches
: all the page.
: >Is there anything I can do to get the dotted lines to stop at the border
: >IE?
: Give a width to the A's. I added width: 200px; to the .navigation a style
: and then the dotted border just encloses a nice block of 200px.
: Unfortunately you cannot do width: 30% since IE interprets this as "30% of
: the space between the content block and the border" instead of "30% of the
: page".
: Nasty problem. I'm afraid there is no easy solution.
: ppk
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