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Re: [css-d] Page in NS 6.2

Sent by Andrew Clover on 25 January 2002 11:11

Judy Benedict [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> and it popped it to the left

This is because you're centring it using 'text-align', which incorrectly
also aligns blocks on IE/Win. I expect IE6 will show the same thing as
Mozilla. Add 'margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto' to your centring-div

> and divided up my navigational bar.

Another very common problem, caused by Mozilla treating an image on its own
in a block as being 'inline' and aligning it so its bottom is on the text
baseline - with space reserved below it for the descenders. To stop this
happening, give the images a style such as 'vertical-align: top;'. There
are other workarounds for when the images are smaller than a line of text.

> Without getting too deep into it, does anyone see any major problems
> right away that I could fix?

Set font-size in 'em' or '%' for resizable text, or 'px' if it must be
fixed-size. Avoid the physical units such as 'pt' as they will render
differently on different platforms/configurations.

> Also, when I mouse-over the nav. bar the image disappears and the alt
> text shows up for a sec or 2 before the mouseover image shows up.

Mm. I don't know if anyone's come up with a workable image preloader for
Mozilla to replace all the now-broken ones that rely on off-screen images
being loaded despite not being visible. If not, I may have a go myself,
it shouldn't be too hard to hack up using DOM methods, with the old-style
code as backup.

Andrew Clover
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