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[css-d] css file extensions?

Sent by my2cents on 31 January 2002 12:12

hello good list folks,

I have an html page that contains several external sheets: <LINK 
REL="StyleSheet" HREF="my_styles.css" type="text/css">

I'm wondering about the file extension of the imported sheet. Is it 
necessary they be named foobar.css? Will foobar.html work? Will 
work (a custom extension)? (In my environment/cms/etc, it'd be much easier 
if i could name them .html instead of .css.)

I suppose there are two angles: Most Importantly: does the 
browser/html/code have a problem with it?  2nd: does the webserver have a 
problem with it? (A mime type issue, eh, which should just be a 
configuration issue)

Does the answer very by browser? (I've got to support just about 
everything, including 3.0's.) Anything else I should consider?

Thanks for all your insight,
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