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Re: [css-d] Hello - new list member with beginner css questions

Sent by Rijk van Geijtenbeek on 31 January 2002 10:10

On Thursday, January 31, 2002, drt wrote:

dl> So far I have removed most of the <font> tags form my pages except for the
dl> areas where I specify a color for the font.

dl> I understand that I can define within a stylesheet the text properties for
dl> the existing html tags (e.g. <TD>, <P>, <strong> etc). But what I am missing
dl> is how do I for example just alter the color of a specific word of phrase
dl> that may be within the body of text surrounded by "normal" text.

<p>Some text with a <span style="color:red;">special</span> word in it.</p>

Of course, this doesn't offer any advantage above the FONT tag.
This is better:

<p>Some text with a <span class="special">special</span> word in it.</p>

... and in your stylesheet:

.special {color: red;}

 Rijk                            [EMAIL-REMOVED]

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