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[css-d] Hello - new list member with beginner css questions

Sent by drt - lists on 31 January 2002 10:10


I have reviewed various css webpages and posted questions to another list,
but there are a couple of things that are escaping my grasp in regards to
implementing CSS on my website.

I admit I am probably too close to the problem and and looking at a magical
answer for my specific problem which is probably making the answer had to

With that said...

I have a website that I wish to implement basic CSS for. Basic in that I
will continue to use table for layout, but wish to use CSS for fonts.

So far I have removed most of the <font> tags form my pages except for the
areas where I specify a color for the font.

All of my pages are built dynamically using some include files. Because of
this, I figured it would be safer to create a very simple Style sheet with
very few, specific "rules" (?) and build from there.

I understand that I can define within a stylesheet the text properties for
the existing html tags (e.g. <TD>, <P>, <strong> etc). But what I am missing
is how do I for example just alter the color of a specific word of phrase
that may be within the body of text surrounded by "normal" text.

Like for example the name of my website.

From what I read, I should no longer use <font>, so I am trying real hard to
be good and re-write my site taking advantage of CSS for text.

I hope this was not too long. I look forward to learning and using CSS.



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