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[css-d] ADMIN: OT: New Title Results

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 31 January 2002 10:10

Hey again,

    I know, I'm cluttering up the list slightly, but hopefully it will 
be with a mood lightener.  Also, traffic seems to have slowed a bit 
and gotten more practical-- so thank you, everyone, for helping 
create that focus.
    Anyway, I wanted to announce the results of the "Give Eric A New 
Admin Title" semi-contest.  There were many entries, and several 
people sent in impressively long lists of suggestions.  There were 
enough, in fact, that I have decided to award five runner-up 
positions in addition to the actual winner.  But first, a few words 
in general about the entries.
    There were several suggestions that looked really good, but since 
I speak neither Latin nor Italian I wasn't sure if they were relevant 
to the position, or just really mean things to say about one's uncle. 
So I had to disqualify them, something for which I'm sure the W3C 
i18n group will chastise me some day.  There were also a few that 
might have been a bit offensive to WW2 survivors and post-9/11 
Americans, so I had to drop them from consideration as well. Sorry 
about that-- at least I got a chuckle or two out of some of them.
    That still left me with a goodly number from which to choose. 
Here are the ones that almost got picked, with a few thoughts on each.

Runner-up #5: List Minister of Order and Reason [Nick Finck]
   It sounds good, doesn't it?  I like to think of myself as a force for
   both order and reason in the world, so this had its appeal.  I ended
   up bypassing it because it was too long for a compact signature file,
   and also I was afraid Scott Adams would sue me blind.

Runner-up #4: Curator of the Enlightened Orchard [Nick Finck]
   Nick gets style points for placing twice.  This one sounds even
   better than runner-up #5, evoking images of pastoral wonder and
   woodland nymphs cavorting with... well, never mind that now.  But
   again the title length was a problem.  Plus I wasn't really sure
   what it meant.

Runner-up #3: Friendly Neighborhood Technofascist [Andrew Clover]
   Andrew might have won with this one, despite its length, mostly because
   it demonstrates that he too very likely had a good chuckle over one
   of the Amazon Reader Reviews of my first book.  In the end, I decided
   that using the term "fascist" might not be in the best taste.

Runner-up #2: list-style-Mom (Meryl K. Evans)
   Earning extra bonus points for warping the CSS syntax to the subject
   at hand, this almost won.  It also made me think of related puns
   regarding 'list-style' and the values I would apply to the css-d
   list.  These may show up in future posts, for which you can all
   thank Meryl when they do.

Runner-up #1: Parent Selector (Porter Glendinning)
   This one came in minutes after I asked for suggestions, and I very
   nearly ended the contest right then.  If there were such a thing as
   a parent selector in CSS, it would have won without question.

They were good suggestions all, and every single one was a serious 
contender for the top spot.  However, that honor ended up going to...

The Winner: List Chaperone (Laura Kunz)
    It just seemed to fit like a glove, which I guess means no acquittal.
    Congratulations, Laura!

Eric A. Meyer [EMAIL-REMOVED])
Author, "Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide" and
"CSS 2.0 Programmer's Reference"
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