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[css-d] Re: xhtml/css help wanted

Sent by robert jan verkade on 31 January 2002 03:03

Andrew Clover wrote:
> Yes. Opera doesn't line-wrap rows of floated divs, unfortunately.
> Strangely there is no such problem with floated images.

> Since the meat of the page is fixed-width, you could put a div with
> style 'clear: left' in when you want a new line.

Well I think it's a browser 'problem'. The 'clear: left' solution isn't the
one I am looking for. I want to implement the floated div's in liquid-design
in time. For my son (it's his site) there is no problem, I think it will all
be fixed by the time he's six :-)

Kind regards and many thanks to all,

Robert Jan Verkade
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