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RE: [css-d] Which NN v4?

Sent by Liorean on 31 January 2002 00:12

At 10:52 2002-01-31 +1100, Lindsay Evans wrote:
>All of the Netscape 4.x versions are basically the same, but I'd advise
>finding the earliest version you can (I've found 4.03  on
>, if you want to check for CSS bugs etc.

I think Netscape did a statment between 4.03 and 4.04 that their new 
version was to radically lessen crashes caused by CSS and layering. The 
problems on earlier 4.x versions rendered the browser virtually unusable on 
many web sites. (You couldn't enter them, the browser crashed if you tried. 
Made bug-tracking really hard.) They also strongly recommended everyone to 
upgrade to the fixed browser. So, 4.04 and later are those to use.

// Liorean
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