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RE: [css-d] Which NN v4?

Sent by Lindsay Evans on 30 January 2002 18:06

> I currently use NN 4.75 among my browsers, but I was wondering which
> earlier version of Netscape might be a good one for testing
> CSS. I know
> this is highly subjective and there's no way to estimate
> which NNv4's are
> in use, but just trying to get an idea to help my testing.

Looking through my browser list I see the following:

Netscape 0.4
Netscape 1.1
Netscape 2.0
Netscape 3.04
Netscape 4.04
Netscape 4.08
Netscape 4.51
Netscape 4.7
Netscape 6.2

and damn near every version of Mozilla since M14.
(yeah, I know, I'm a packrat :o)

All of the Netscape 4.x versions are basically the same, but I'd advise
finding the earliest version you can (I've found 4.03  on, if you want to check for CSS bugs etc.

 Lindsay Evans.
 Red Square Productions.

 [p] 8596.4000
 [f] 8596.4001
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