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RE: [css-d] Which NN v4?

Sent by Kauler, Leto S on 30 January 2002 18:06

> I currently use NN 4.75 among my browsers, but I was wondering which 
> earlier version of Netscape might be a good one for testing 
> CSS. I know 
> this is highly subjective and there's no way to estimate 
> which NNv4's are 
> in use, but just trying to get an idea to help my testing.

In the library where I work we have Netscape 4.51 installed (not sure why not 4.7).  On my PC I have
4.01, 4.51, and 6.0, and test our websites in all these.  It's nuts, I know, but we are still
required to support this browser, or at least know how a website will appear.
-- Leto
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