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Re: [css-d] Pseudo class

Sent by Porter Glendinning on 24 January 2002 18:06

At 18:40 1/24/02, Eric A. Meyer digitized these thoughts:
>Pseudo-elements, on the other hand, must ALWAYS come at the end of the 
>selector.  So you can't write 'p:first-line em', because the 'em' 
>incorrectly comes after the pseudo-element ':first-line'.

It may be incorrect, but I can think of times when I would want to work 
with a selector like that. For example:

     em { font-style: italic; }
     p:first-line { font-weight: italic; }
     p:first-line em { font-style: normal; }

Where the third selector is interpreted to mean em elements that appear 
in the first line of a paragraph should be styled as normal, so that 
they'd stand out from the already italicized text around them. This 
could get a little tricky to implement, but it would be cool, nonetheless.

- Porter

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