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Re: [css-d] Stupid css tricks

Sent by Craig Saila on 30 January 2002 18:06


> Anybody know a css trick that will keep all versions of IE/Windows from
> reading part of a css file? I've got something which is fine in a
> standards-compliant browser, but all versions of IE/win mangle it to some
> degree. I'd like, if possible, to replace a background image with a color
> in IE/Win.

Given my email woes today, you may already have a message by the time 
this appears, but, use the CHILD selector.

As an example:
  BODY { background-color: #FF0; }
  HTML>BODY { background: url("white.gif") transparent; }

All Win/IE versions so far should colour the BODY background and ignore 
the next rule. CSS-2 compliant browsers will load the background image, 
and turn the colour transparent.


Craig Saila

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