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Re: [css-d] OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Craig Saila on 30 January 2002 17:05

Al Sparber wrote:

>>>an <a> tag... while using a strict 4.01 doctype? I must use a strict
> doctype
>>>to support the advanced DOM scripting I use, but my "client" will kill

You should be able to use a transitional 4.01 doctype and still do 
advanced DOM work, especially if you code the page such that it should 
(almost) validate as strict.

Better still use XHTML, it'll validate and you can customize the DTD.

> Thanks Simon. However, that won't work in Netascape 4x. So, it's a conundrum
> still :-). We are still having to do workarounds for the so-called "modern"
> browsers... moreso when it comes to scripting. I see lots of DHTML geniuses

As for your problem:
  A IMG { border: none; color: #FFF; }
  /* Where #FFF is your background colour */
Tested successfully on Netscape 4.x, IE 6, Mozilla 0.9.7, Opera 5 (all 


Craig Saila

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