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Re: [css-d] OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Scott Andrew LePera on 30 January 2002 16:04

Al Sparber wrote:

> How do you use valid CSS to remove the border around an image that is inside
> an <a> tag... while using a strict 4.01 doctype? I must use a strict doctype
> to support the advanced DOM scripting I use, but my "client" will kill the
> deal if he continues to see those ugly borders around his logo.

Tricky problem.

The closest I could get:

a img {

Replace #ffffff with a color that matches your background-color.  NS4 
doesn't support "inherit" (it becomes green!) and it seems "transparent" 
(which works in NS4) is reserved for background-color rules in CSS2, 
according to the spec:


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