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[css-d] Getting a <div> layer to float over an embedded media stream

Sent by Bob Sawyer on 30 January 2002 16:04

Hello, all!

I've just been charged by my employer of finding a way to make a layer
appear over an embedded media stream (in this case, an embedded Windows
Media Player) for 15 seconds every 30 seconds. I expect that it's going to
take Javascript to set the visible of the <div> layer from "hidden" to
"visible" on that timing schedule.

Since the Javascript part is OT for this list, all I'm asking here is
whether or not anyone has tried to place a floating <div> on top of an
embedded object like this before, and if so, did it work, and if so, how do
I do it?

For the record: all I'm looking for here is the necessary CSS to get the job
done. I don't want or need to know if it's accessible, valid, or
standards-compliant or not. :-)

Thanks much,
-Bob Sawyer
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