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Re: [css-d] Fw: Flash of Unstyled Content affecting your site?

Sent by aardvark on 30 January 2002 15:03

> From: "Jeremy Arnold" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> >
> > his fix feels like a hack... insert a <link> or a <script>, even if
> > blank, just to remove the flash?  yes, he does say you should have
> > an alternate style sheet, but the fact that he even suggests a blank
> > <script> block bothers me...
> >
> A hack???? A hack ????
> Well what do you expect??
> It's a hellava lot  better than voice-family: "\"}\"";

er, i don't use that... not yet at least...

my point is, for a millisecond rendering flip in IE that may go away 
in the next point release, and that doesn't definitively get fixed by 
the cited fixes, i don't intend to stuff blank <script> blocks into the 

IOW, the page isn't broken, so i'm not going to break it...

> > is this even a bug?  nah, not to me, i'm not gonna hack my code just
> > to prevent that...
> >
> I'm not asking you to do it for you sake... but for your readers ....
> Would you stick up one of those 2frame gif's that give people
> epilepsy? no... Then Why put up with this??

erm, so far all the users i've been testing my personal site against 
either a) didn't notice it or b) didn't care... two assumed it was just 
the delay between full CSS download and then application...

IOW, my readers don't care, so neither do i...

should i do it for a client, and that client thinks it's an issue, then 
sure, i'd give it a try...

> > anyway, i've experience it a few times at:
> >
> I have not seen it once at the above mentioned address!!
> Though that is quite interesting.. If you could find an exact link to
> the offending page...

that is the offending page...
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