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Re: [css-d] CSS in IE6/PC

Sent by maxine on 30 January 2002 15:03

>Since I've already mentioned the + selector and its lack of effectiveness
>(I'm being polite today) twice on this list I thought I'd ask if anyone out
>there knows of a good place to find out what has changed in IE/PC's CSS
>support between 5.5 & 6.0.

When I did the most recent upgrade to the westciv browser support pages
I managed to cover both IE 5.5 and 6 for Windows - the version 6 I used 
was in fact a late Beta.

>While my I have never tried testing the browser
>out it really seems that except for fixing the box model in "standards mode"
>absolutely nothing has change. (The same goes for PNG support but that's an
>issue for another list entirely).

That was my impression at the time as well, and just glancing back at the 
tables now, likewise

>I'd really like not to think this is the
>case, that the worlds favorite browser didn't go through a major version
>upgrade without any real advance in standards support, but I have seen no
>evidence to the contrary.

sadly this seems to be the case, I must admit I too found it pretty 
disappointing at the time. Hope this helps


Maxine Sherrin

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