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Re: [css-d] Fw: Flash of Unstyled Content affecting your site?

Sent by Jeremy Arnold on 30 January 2002 14:02

--In responce to aardvark::

> i have, but i've written it off... doesn't bother me enough to matter...
> his fix feels like a hack... insert a <link> or a <script>, even if
> blank, just to remove the flash?  yes, he does say you should have
> an alternate style sheet, but the fact that he even suggests a blank
> <script> block bothers me...
A hack???? A hack ????
Well what do you expect??
It's a hellava lot  better than voice-family: "\"}\"";

> <snip>
> is this even a bug?  nah, not to me, i'm not gonna hack my code
> just to prevent that...
I'm not asking you to do it for you sake... but for your readers ....
Would you stick up one of those 2frame gif's that give people epilepsy?
Then Why put up with this??

> anyway, i've experience it a few times at:

I have not seen it once at the above mentioned address!!
Though that is quite interesting.. If you could find an exact link to the
offending page...

--In responce to Andrew Clover::

> <snip>why not
> display it style-less? Why should the user have to wait when they could
> make a start on reading the content?

Sorry.. I'm on cable... and as for me I can't even read the first sentance
in 1/2 a second!
Is it slower on dail-up??

> This is in practice a silly argument of course...
Well, to be blunt... was your post really neasisary.....I do have another
200 emails to read :-|

Why is there any real reason not to fix this annoying little bug... I mean
how many of us can honestly say our site
prints fine.. and yet do we have an alternative printing CSS? .... Put it
this way... it's a good way to kill two birds
with one stone...

Honestly, To the adverage Joe Internet User, it's gonna make your site look
hacked.... unprofesional.. etc etc.
Maybe it is just me.... I know, I will get my giuneepig's onto it and see if
they notice it.. :-)
This could be interesting....

    Jeremy Arnold
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