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RE: [css-d] An Outsider's View

Sent by aardvark on 30 January 2002 13:01

> From: RUST Randal [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> In the United States, the ADA REQUIRES companies to provide accessible
> information to disabled users.  Tabular layouts, especially those that
> make use of nested tables, PROHIBIT access.  

false... tabular layouts *can* prohibit access, and in the hands of a 
WYSIWYG or inexperienced coder, most likely will...

however, having built sites for blind people, physically handicapped, 
and others with disabilities, i can attest that tables for layout in and 
of themselves are not a barrier to accessibility... in fact, if you look 
through the WAI at the W3C, you'll even see tips on how to prevent 
them from being barriers...

after all, you have to make your CSS-only designs work when 
linearized, why the heck wouldn't you do the same with tables...

> So, does your client want to leave themselves open to LAWSUIT, or have
> their page look the same in browsers that people shouldn't even be
> using in the first place?

remove the first part of the statement (the lawsuit, assuming your 
coder can code), and remove the assertion that people shouldn't be 
using a particular browser (pretty centrist view, IMO0, and you're 
back to addressing the clients wants...

> I think that it's really a simple choice.

i'm sensing a preference for all-caps...
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