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RE: [css-d] CSS in IE6/PC

Sent by Merkey, Brett on 30 January 2002 13:01

|  (I'm being polite today) twice on this list I thought I'd 
|  ask if anyone out
|  there knows of a good place to find out what has changed in 
|  IE/PC's CSS
|  support between 5.5 & 6.0. While my I have never tried 
|  testing the browser
|  out it really seems that except for fixing the box model in 
|  "standards mode"
|  absolutely nothing has change. 

No, there were a few more welcome changes as pointed out in the
reference given by others. IE6 also fixed x number of bugs in 
IE5.5 (notably the "naked serif" travesty) while introducing 
x number of bugs of its own. 

From the developer's point of view, one convenience was 
eliminated: the "compatibility mode" that allowed us to 
easily view the previous IE version on the same machine.

To compensate, they gave us "by demand of our clients" the
text-overflow : ellipsis; 
a more useless addition I could not imagine. You have to
see it in IE6 to appreciate its uselessness:

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