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RE: [css-d] <p> block that jumps about

Sent by John Woram on 25 January 2002 09:09

Dave wrote: "My site menu is in a <p> block that jumps up & down when
the mouse is moved
on or off it, and I can't figure out what's causing this animation."

In IE 6, the site menu moves as you described. I found I could kill
the movement by inserting a "<br />" tag immediately before the "<p
class=navbar>" tag. I don't know enough to figure out what's up, but I
suspect it's a function of the width of the cyan banner. I noticed a
few other quirks though:

In IE 5.5, the site menu doesn't move, and the "Site Menu:" legend is
to the RIGHT of the four options. So it looks like this (note the
reverse sequence):

   Policies | Contact | Books | Home  :Site Menu

In Mozilla 0.9.5, the cyan banner splits at the middle of the page.
So, I see "" at the left top, but only as far as the
middle of the page. The right side of the same area shows the site
menu, "Create-A-Book ..." and "Education ..." Immediately below that,
the "Create-A-Book" logo appears on the same cyan background used
under your DJL logo.

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