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Background-image at end of <a> link not displaying properly when there's a line break in IE

Sent by francky on 6 March 2007 22:10

Allison Bloodworth wrote:
> Yes, [...]
> I noticed that in IE 7 on your site
> ( the
> last word which has the <ul> tags around it appears slightly lower than the
> rest of the link text preceding it. 
Hi Allison,
Correct! IE7 is displaying the last word of an iconized external link 
1px lower.
> Is this another IE bug? It doesn't happen in Firefox. 
Yes, FF is alright in this example. Is it a bug? Yes and no (not more 
than in IE6):

    * This solution is good working in IE6, for I used the * html hack
      for IE.
    * I made this page at a moment I couldn't check IE7. - And I had a
      bit of hope that IE7 would do it better than IE6...
    * Later I tested in IE7, and saw IE7 was doing the same as IE6. So I
      updated my English version with a Conditional Comment for all
      IE´s, including IE7.
    * ... but didn´t update my Dutch page yet.

Point is, that FF, Opera and IE where reacting different. To get Opera 
alright, I had to add a line to correct Opera. Happily this did not 
influence FF. But IE (which was right before I made the Opera fix) was 
reacting wrong on the Opera fix! So I had to make an IE only fix to 
correct the Opera fix for IE (are you still there? ;-) ). The whole 
operation was like pushing on an air-bed: pushing down the one browser 
was lifting the others. :-)
> I'm wondering if using the span tag would solve this problem?

    * ... so the use of a <span> instead of a <u> will not make any
      difference (css still the same). Only solution is to use the CC to
      catch IE7. - If IE8 is coming, we have to see again...

I just updated my Dutch version
with the CC and now IE7 has to obey too (in the last "Lorem" paragraph) 
- I´ll check that tomorrow.
To compare: I renamed the old version in

Conclusion: the updated English version
is the one with the best description and performance.
It´s less complicating to maintain 1 site in 1 language! :-)

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