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Re: [css-d] An Outsider's View

Sent by Mark Howells on 30 January 2002 12:12

> Mark, Very nice site. (<>)

Thank you.

> Unfortunately, none of my clients would allow a site
> that degrades like this in a 4.x browser and I really don't blame them.
> Although it looks *good* in NN 4.x, it looks almost nothing like it 
> does in
> Mozilla.

I realize that - the example wasn't about the degradation, but about the 
(full CSS) layout not being out of a CSS library ("fixed left hand nav 
bar, fluid main content area and grey background").

> For a big client, I would have to use a browser sniffer and serve a
> table-based design for pre-5.x browsers. In my 15+ years of experience,
> that's just the way it is for commercial sites which have marketing 
> people
> involved.

I can't claim to have been designing websites for 15+ years, but most 
web marketing people that I've dealt with in the past few years sat up 
and begged when I told them how much money they would save on 
development costs if they accepted some cross-browser differences that 
their users wouldn't notice (*). Add the fact that the HTML code will 
work seamlessly in non-visual browsers too and you've got a nice 
"gimmick" (in their parlance).

(* non-webdev users who browse sites with one web browser at a time)

> most of the things Eric is doing at css edge don't even work in I.E. 5.1
> on the Mac, never mind NN 4.x.

No, but again, my point was about the different achievable layouts, not 
the level of browser support for his experiments. Now, back to the 
"practical stuff".

Mark Howells
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