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Background-image at end of <a> link not displaying properly when there's a line break in IE

Sent by francky on 2 March 2007 04:04

Allison Bloodworth wrote:
> Hi, 
> I am having a problem where a background-image at end of an <a> link is not
> displaying properly in IE when it contains a line break. See
>, and after links like "Minimum
> Security Standards," "significant hardware investment," and "UC Berkeley
> BearShare Windows Vista site" there should be a little "offsite" icon,
> similar to the one wikipedia uses. 
> [...]
Hi Allison,
(That was quite a year ago, when we talked about the B. News site. :-)  )
I didn't remark this question before, but probably you have seen the 
POOF! thread in the meantime:

    * POOF! start here

    * and the updated workaround here

Success and greetings!

As you can see in the right column halfway down in the Dutch version 
IE is normally placing the icons somewhere in the vertical middle of the 
amount of lines which the link is taking...

- In Wikipedia is is going wrong in IE too, but mostly you don't see it 
because the links are only 1 or 2 words, and the probability of breaking 
in 2 lines is not so big then.
- Example of things going wrong in IE is also the small link column in:


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