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New Image Replacement Method

Sent by Peter Anderson on 24 February 2007 03:03

Hi everyone,


A few years back, I developed an image replacement method that I hope works in
almost all situations.

Going off Dave Shea's page
(, a good image
replacement method will work with screen readers, work with 'images off, CSS
on', not use empty <span> tags and work with most browsers.

I believe my method does all this, but without having screen reading software or
multiple browsers and platforms to test on, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind
testing this method for me.


Two slightly different methods can be found here:


Please test these pages with different settings (images, CSS, JavaScript -
on/off) and let me know how it goes. I'd be very interested in hearing
suggestions for making it better, etc.

My method may not work well (if at all), but this is what I'm trying to test.
I'd very much like to be able to come up with a good, solid image replacement
method that works for everyone in all situations - and I'll need your help to do


Thank you very much!



Kind regards,

Peter Anderson.

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