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negative margined sidebar moving when window narrowed in IE

Sent by Zoe M. Gillenwater on 19 February 2007 14:02

Richard Grevers wrote:
> <rhetoric value="2 cents">
> Am I missing something here? Many posters to this list (and I'm not
> implying that Zoe is one of them) seem to get rather upset when floats
> drop in narrow windows, and I simply don't get that. The fact that
> floats can drop when there's not enough room to do justice to several
> columns is a primary reason to use floats - its why they are better
> than tables.
> The key, of course is to make the correct column drop, which I would
> say should be "any column but the primary content, with main
> navigation having second priority for not dropping.

I completely agree with everything you've just said. The problem is that 
I've never been able to get a client to agree to it. They can't handle 
the idea of a column dropping and would much rather foist a horizontal 
scrollbar on their visitors. I do all the client education I can muster, 
managing to get them to agree to a liquid layout, real text for 
navigation buttons, etc, but the column dropping is beyond my powers of 
persuasion. :-)

> My only wish is for some property that would make the remaining floats
> expand into the space left by the dropped float.

I think there are such things that depend on JavaScript. It might be 
possible to get a layout like this from pure CSS using table display 
properties, but I've never tried.


Zoe M. Gillenwater
Design Services Manager
UNC Highway Safety Research Center

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