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negative margined sidebar moving when window narrowed in IE

Sent by Richard Grevers on 19 February 2007 09:09

<rhetoric value="2 cents">
Am I missing something here? Many posters to this list (and I'm not
implying that Zoe is one of them) seem to get rather upset when floats
drop in narrow windows, and I simply don't get that. The fact that
floats can drop when there's not enough room to do justice to several
columns is a primary reason to use floats - its why they are better
than tables.
The key, of course is to make the correct column drop, which I would
say should be "any column but the primary content, with main
navigation having second priority for not dropping.

My only wish is for some property that would make the remaining floats
expand into the space left by the dropped float.

Richard Grevers, New Plymouth, New Zealand
Hat 1: Development Engineer, Webfarm Ltd.
Hat 2: Dramatic Design
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