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Re: [css-d] xhtml/css help wanted

Sent by Char James-Tanny on 30 January 2002 12:12

> Uh-oh. In that case, I think I found another problem<g>. On my Opera
> 6.0 PC, moving the </div> tag has the following effect. All three
> elements are now left-aligned, instead of in the center. However, I
> still see image 1 at the top, then the text, then image 2. And the
> size of the text block does not remain fixed.
> But then I tried it on my lapdog (Opera 5.12). Here, the images *do*
> overlap each other and both of them sit on top of the text, as
> expected. So assuming I don't have any screw-ups in my code, I guess
> there's a positioning problem in Opera 6 that wasn't present in Opera
> 5.12. Are you using a version 5? (Please say yes, even if you have to
> lie<g>).

Ummm....errrr.....I'm using 5 (I don't lie very well...<sigh>) ;-)

Version 6, WinXP Pro. Moved the div, it looked great...but I had been
playing with your file, so maybe I changed something else on the way to
finding that div???

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