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Question Regarding visibility: hidden; not working

Sent by David Dorward on 16 February 2007 08:08

On 16/02/07, Douglas Pollock [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> I trying to get a left side menu working. The main body of the page is
> simple html pages that are made visible by clicking on the left-side menu
> links. The problem is that the div tags surrounding the page names appears
> to block the visibility: hidden; attribute. The pages should normally be
> hidden until a link is selected.
> Can anyone offer a suggestion?

The only mention of visibility in the default stylesheet that I can
see is applied to an element with the id "panel", and you have no such

You have a huge number of syntax errors:

Points considered harmful.

Since the "links" are just anchors and not actually links, as far as I
can tell, they aren't put in the tab order and are keyboard in

Nested tables and presentational markup. Argh. Use CSS for presentation.

You probably don't want the gaps being left behind by the invisible
content. See tabtastic for a more accessible implementation of this
type of thing.

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