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negative margined sidebar moving when window narrowed in IE

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 15 February 2007 03:03

Zoe M. Gillenwater wrote:


>> What I'm interested in, then, is not why it happens but if there is
>>  any way to stop it (short of using overflow: hidden, which 
>> obviously works but kills the needed scrollbars).

One more, with scrollbars intact and no extra wrappers.

I have moved leftcolumn into the bottom of contentwrapper, but the
source-order is otherwise the same and nothing is added or subtracted...
<>, maybe it'll do.

How is IE7 doing, btw? (I really dislike "blind hacking".)

It is possible to turn this into a robust 3 column with the addition of
one more wrapper. That would be more in line with what I'm doing here...
....but I'm using side-borders as basic column-backgrounds, and a lot of
extra wrappers for decoration. Pure overload.
(Got to add Firefox into that Gecko-list :-) )

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