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negative margined sidebar moving when window narrowed in IE

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 14 February 2007 22:10

Zoe M. Gillenwater wrote:

> Speaking of being proven wrong ;-), Georg, do you have an index on 
> your site indicating what each of your layout pages is demonstrating?

Have I done something wrong..? :-)

No, I have no index for those demo/test pages. That's my public
playground and I thought each page was self-descriptive enough.

These three...
....present variations on the basics.
Haven't updated them since 2004 though - see dates, so there's now a
weak spot (missing clear) in Opera 9 and a small glitch in the old
IE-expression. Maybe time for an update.

> I'd love to take a closer look at your preferred negative margin 
> layout technique.

Haven't studied in depth, but I think an article in the last ALA is
somewhat close to what I'm doing...
Not close enough for IE6 on narrow windows though, which is why I use
more wrappers :-)

If there's any need for a somewhat robust 2/3 column layout, then I
might write something more complete about mine if/when I can find the
time. For now I have left bits and pieces around in my web design section...


Now I'll have a look at your latest...
....and who knows what may come out of _that_ ;-)

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