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I give up! Why does this not center in FF at 800 x 600?

Sent by Peter Hyde-Smith on 11 February 2007 13:01

> Can anyone put me out of my misery?
> The following site is centered in IE, but at 800 x 600 in Firefox it jumps
> about 120px to the right after it loads.
> The css isn't that tight, since I built on top of a previous theme, but I
> cannot figure this out. Can you?
> Thanks!
> - Adam


Hello, Adam:

You're centered at 800 x 600 in FF2.0/WIN XP for me, at least!

Validating gives an error here, did you mean to make "recents" a <div> and 
"menutitle" something else?

 <li id="recents">
    <h2><div class="menutitle">Recent Posts</div></h2>

and other Christian artists perform at the Micah Network 
Consultation</a></li>    </ul>

Also, you're missing an alt attribute for your .jpg image. There are also 
some errors in your CSS. Fix these errors, and maybe that will resolve what 
you're seeing.

If you aren't using it, snag Chris Pederick's web developer toolbar for FF 



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