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Need help with fixed width floats

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 26 January 2007 09:09

Christine Masters wrote:
> Anyway, I've gotten it to work well in Firefox, but I'm having some 
> trouble working with IE.


The line-up will be improved in IE6 when the 'margin-doubling on floats'
bug is "killed".

The addition of...

#tnent_movies_container, #tnent_fun_container, #tnent_food_container {
display: inline;

....should take care of what you have there now.

Floats are 'block-elements' and can't become 'inline', so this "bug
killer" hack will only affect those browser-versions that have this
particular bug.

Regarding the box model: both IE6 and IE7 will go into 'standard mode'
and use the W3C box model if you delete the comment you have placed
above the doctype declaration. Won't experience any difference between
Firefox' and IE7' rendering then, and IE6 will also behave well when its
margin-bug is dealt with.
Better place that comment somewhere else in the document - if at all

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