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Re: [css-d] weird layering problem in IE/win 5.5 and 6

Sent by ecd on 10 July 2002 16:04

From: "Ryan Schroeder" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 4:18 PM

| The page in question:
| Click on "Find a Contact" next to Contact Manager.
| Then rollover the menus that drop down, "Back Office" or "Reports"
| The menus display behind some form elements but not others and in front of
| the tables, etc that layout the form.  I'm using's menus.
| Is this simple something with the css (z-index?) or am I going to get my
| hands dirty?

dirty, dirty hands.

<select> elements, like <object> elements and some others, will not render
behind anything in many browsers (i don't have a definitive list), due to
the fact that these browsers use the system control for the drop-box. bad
browsers! what you might have to do is tell all <select>s to hide somehow
when the menus are popped up, editing's menu scripts to add a
call to all <select> elements.

not elegant, i know, but probably the only way to get things done.

great looking page, by the way! of course, that makes the next suggestion
all the worse: with all the wasted space on the right, it seems you don't
need a DHTML hidden menu at all: use that empty space to get around your
initial lack of a menu & your need to hide <select>s.


<feel free to snip>
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