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Re: [css-d] Backward-compliant style switcher

Sent by aardvark on 10 July 2002 09:09

> >Why not use PHP? =A0Any CSS-compliant browser will see the correct
> >results, and it'll actually work in every browser (you just won't see
> > anything in non-CSS ones :-)).
> If only I knew PHP, and had any idea at all how to write, set up, or
> use it :)
> Another day. It's on my agenda. Until then, I'm working with JS, which
> I don't know either, but which I can at least use.

without seeing the start of this thread, i don't know if the PHP 
suggestion was based on your server environment, or just a 
language suggestion, but there is a handy tutorial on how to do it in 
ASP over at

Style Switcher in ASP

> But this must have been a REALLY boring question or something, because
> everybody seems to be ignoring me... :)

nah, i just didn't see it...

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