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[css-d] layers and slideshows

Sent by sleepwalk on 30 January 2002 11:11


Let me apologize in advance for being a code retard. I am a graphic designer
that primarily uses Dreamweaver for web authoring, unless I come up against
a sticky situation like this.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

browser compatibility - cross-platform, both IE and NS, as far back as

a centered floating box, 400x400 pixels that contains some images to form
the background and some simple navigation.

this box needs to contain an image slideshow that is visible on top of the
background, where all images preload with the page, and the first image is
visible by default. Clicking on this image will advance to the next image,
and so on, all contained within the same html page.

what I have tried so far:
specified a css centered frame, which holds a nested table set which forms
the box shape.

nested in this are new <div> layers that hold the images. The layers
interact with each other as defined by Dreamweaver's show/hide layers
function. I ripped out the left position variable, and somehow this makes
the nested layers stay centered within the css frame. This works in IE 5 and
NS 6 on a mac, but not in NS 4.7 on a mac.

am I trying to hard? Is there a simpler way to have my slideshow centered
and coordinated with the floating box?


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