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Re: [css-d] trouble centering text in n6.2

Sent by Timothy D. Tolle on 25 January 2002 09:09

Joshua Usdavin wrote:

> Thanks for the prompt response and the in-depth explanation. You 
> mention that I'm using the 'text-align' inappropriately. What would be 
> the proper way to use that property, and still achieve
No problem on the response. That's what we're all here for, right? Today 
you post a question, and I answer you. Tomorrow, I'm vexed and someone 
helps me.

As far as text-align goes... I didn't mean that you're abusing it. What 
I meant is that I think you have a different idea of what it does than 
what it's actually for. This seems to be a common point of confusion for 
people just starting to use CSS. I know it got me when I was beginning. 
Looking back into the archives for this list, this is the same issue 
that [EMAIL-REMOVED] was having yesterday regarding centering tables.

Rijk posted this link:
I think it's worth repeating.

As an aside, try to cut down your quoting, bro. I know Mr. List Mom 
Meyer mentioned it in the admin message... But maybe you didn't get it. 
List Mom, does that admin message go out to all new subscribers now? It 
didn't exist when I signed up. And, while I'm directing questions to the 
Administrators, is it too early to start a FAQ?

I Believe In Serifs! -
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