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Re: [css-d] xhtml/css help wanted

Sent by Char James-Tanny on 30 January 2002 11:11

Hi, John :-)

I think I found the problem...the entire content for the page is
surrounded by a < div align="center">. If you close this div after the
first paragraph (the one that describes what is supposed to be
happening), the pictures and second paragraph look like they are supposed
to in Opera.


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John Woram wrote:

> Char wrote: "Opera can be set to emulate different browsers."
> I've tried all of Opera's Quick Preference options, but still it
> doesn't support positioning unless I'm doing something wrong in my
> coding. I have a positioning test at
> which displays two small
> superimposed images with text underneath them. In Opera I see photo 1
> at the top, followed by the text, and then photo 2. None of the
> browser emulations have any effect.
> John
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