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Re: [css-d] xhtml/css help wanted

Sent by aardvark on 30 January 2002 10:10

> From: Char James-Tanny [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> Opera can be set to emulate different browsers. Select File | Quick
> Preferences and verify that "Identify as Opera" is selected.

i was under the impression that it was *not* emulating them, but 
simply changing the HTTP User Agent string it sends in the HTTP 

> I've found that Opera matches IE6 in most cases. However, if it's set
> to emulate another browser, it adopts that browser's...errr...quirks
> ;-)

are you sure it's not because the site was serving HTML/CSS 
hacked for a browser you aren't using?  many sites serve different 
code based on the browser as determined from the UA string...
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