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Re: [css-d] How to request old digests?

Sent by Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns on 25 January 2002 09:09

At 06:01 AM 01/25/2002, Laura Kunz wrote:
>At 07:20 AM 1/25/02, Ray Drainville / Argument from Design wrote:
>>Is it possible to retrieve the first three digests? And if so, how?
>Having just read the website archives, I also would be interested in a way 
>doing this, found a couple of snippets I would like to store locally.

Hi, Laura (nice to see you here!),

On my wish list would be to have online searchable archives, too. That 
would be ideal. I wonder if that's a possibility?


Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A.
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