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Site Check Please

Sent by tedd on 19 September 2006 17:05

Hi gang:

Please review --

-- just the "a" directory. I'm redoing my entire site to be more 
flexible and amenable to browser's window size. The menu works, but 
the links in web-tips are not done -- I have a lot more to add.

The site seems to hold-up pretty well in BrowserCam, but I need real 
people to review it.

If you have any suggestions, comments, first-blush impressions, 
design like/dislikes, or any other critiques (good or bad), that 
aren't css related  -- *please feel free* -- to forward them to me 
privately at: ccs at -- after all, this is a css list 
and not a website-design-review list.

Extra credit: The first page, first paragraph of my old site 
( breaks under IE7 -- I don't have IE7 and don't 
understand the problem -- any ideas as to what went wrong?

Many thanks for your time and kind review.


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