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Re: [css-d] Divergence between compliant browsers

Sent by Ben Nunn on 30 January 2002 09:09

> If this is turning into an opinion orgy, then let...
> Mant people are. Many are also writing off Opera. It's a mistake born of
> frustration. Many young designers have somehow (mysteriously) assumed that
> NN6 and *Standards* were the promised land. What we have here is a rather
> serious denoument. The harsh reality is that we have a few browsers that
> good-to-great at standards, but we have:

My view on this is that I've heard of hundreds of people who use NN6/Moz -
but all of them have been web professionals, looking to promote
standards/css etc. - the very people who are on this list in fact.

As far as 'real world' use goes, uptake on NN6 has been very very poor. It's
fine for us to say that Moz has superior standards support, and to cite
examples that work fine with that browser when offering code snippets etc.
on this list.

However, many of us have to work with real clients. Now, am I really going
to convince the same client who I managed to persuade that NN4 (with a
6-ish% market share) wasn't worth supporting fully, that a browser with
about 1% of the market should be our primary development/testing/build
platform. Standards or not, chances are the client won't care.

In fact the client will most-likely tell me - and this is a good point -
that 'standards' are defined by the market, not by faceless consortia. A
'standard' which is not widely supported is not standard. etc.

And 99 times out of 100 they aren't going to justify additional expense to
compromise ones code in IE, just so the css can validate. Purists won't like
this approach, but surely everyone who has had to work with clients in the
real world can appreciate it.

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