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Font Mapping Query / Font embedding

Sent by francky on 4 September 2006 19:07

Chris Williams wrote:

>For the first time, someone is getting closer to what I want!
>This FontMatch tool is the closest thing yet.  Thank you.
>However, it seems really silly that Windows and/or Mac OS/X can't be simply
>asked, "if I gave you this font spec, on this computer (with all it's
>installed fonts), what actual font did (would) you respond with?"  Seems
>like a simple, algorithmic (rather than OCR) solution would be possible,
>even easy.  After all, the OS is doing the font mapping, why can't you
>inquire what it did?
>Thanks again for your work on my behalf, I think I'll twiddle with this
>FontMatch thingy...
Hi Chris,
Perhaps some other tips you can use.

   1.  From the Favelet Suite of Slayeroffice you can use the MODI2-tool
      (Mouseover DOM Inspector) to hover over a piece of text in a site,
      in order to see the  parent structure in a wink. For instance on
      your homepage: the first paragraph of the text is has no special
      attributes, and is built up in the hierarchy [ html, body,
      #pg-wrap, #pg-body, .normal, #main, .box ]. - In this way you have
      the node, but not yet the font-properties.
      Download MODI at Slayeroffice

   2. In Chris Pederick's FF Web Developer Extension is, among lots of
      other good things, also a DOM-inspector (menu Tools >
      DOM-inspector). If you click the node (found in MODI) in the left
      pane, then in the right pane you have the option "Computed style",
      giving the result of the css-hierarchy on that point. - In this
      list: also the indicated font-family. - Check first font face in
      the System Font Directory; if present > that's him! If not, take
      second, and so on.
      Probably you've it already, but for safety the download link for
      the WebDeveloper <>.

   3. Should be great if there was a tool which could combine the
      hovering of the MODI and the computed font face of the
      WebDeveloper! > Searched the other FF Developers Extensions, but
      nothing alike. :-(

But sometimes things are already at home ... then I rediscovered in the 
Webdeveloper a forgotten option: menu CSS > View Style Information. 
Cross hair pointer is coming, hover to the right place, click left, and: 
new page is coming with css property list > in your site is used { 
font-family: Georgia, serif; }. :-)
In the meantime, the status bar is giving the hierarchy from html to 
this p style on line 148 of your stylesheet.

(Double checking can be done with the menu CSS > View CSS > page coming 
with all used css styles > FF-menu Edit > Search "font" and click Next 
until finished.)

Some other links:

    * List of Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents:
      here <>.
    * Or specified in Win-versions: here
    * If really nothing helps: "What Font Are You?"

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