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validating, yet problems

Sent by Videoscott1 on 20 August 2006 23:11

Ok I think I got the message;-) Your starting me off at the top of my 
design and then telling me to insert the "old" fluid 3 column into it 
between the horizontal gray bars? I just like doing things the hard 
way;^/ I'd like to reinvent the wheel for pot holes, nails, and speed 
and of course the crummy roads of IE like a bulldozer!


> Aha! I always do it by hand (Notepad), and put the css lines under 
> each other (like the result of the css-validator). Then I don't have 
> to scroll horizontally to compare styles of different classes and 
> id's. And it is easier to comment out parts, or add a tmp borderline 
> to see where I am. - For a quick view, the Golive result in 1 line per 
> element is not easy to see in the FF "edit css" sidebar > from Chris 
> Pederick's Webdeveloper Extension 
> <>.

Fixed it code level now! ;-) Yea, that Chris is a great guy!

>> 2. What I see now aside from the problems you mention possibly in 
>> IE6, is the main problem I'm having with Safari & Opera showing the 
>> top "<li><a href="aboutus.html">About Us"  looking padded big time on 
>> the top in Opera and on top of the 2nd <li> in Safari "<li><a 
>> href="service.html">Services". NS 7.1 is showing things ok.
>> I'm pretty sure the problem lies with the #sidebar & #sidebar ul. I 
>> added #sidebar li and tried setting the height but that messes stuff 
>> up. I'm now reaching the breaking point of taking the clients initial 
>> request of a tabled setup like this, sticking his content in it, and 
>> saying FINISHED! Please help!
> I'm afraid it is something in the model that is not cross browser 
> proof (there are major problems in IE! See screenshot 
> <>). 
> Some tested models you can choose from the CSS-Wiki page about 3 
> columns layouts 
> <>,
> for instance PIE's "Three Column Stretch 
> <>"
> Now I've to prepare to get into my Limo to drive out of town: 
> holidays! :-)

Enjoy the ride!

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