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Re: [css-d] simple(?) css layout

Sent by Andrew Clover on 30 January 2002 09:09

G. K. Nelson [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> Having a statement like 100%-200px (assuming the - meant 'minus'), and
> having it work in all compliant browsers the same way, would be the CSS
> equivalent of great sex, in my opinion.

It gets suggested every so often at the CSS discussion list [EMAIL-REMOVED].
No-one really argues very hard against it but it never makes it to official
consideration somehow.

Maybe you should tell them your 'great sex' argument, that might persuade

(The only real problem with such expressions I could see is that it
wouldn't be backwards compatible so the layouts would break. There again,
you could possibly code it like this:

  p { margin-left: 200px; margin-left: 50%-3em; }

so that older browsers would see a simple layout, probably all in fixed
pixel sizes, and newer ones would understand the richer version.)

Andrew Clover
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