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Re: [css-d] An Outsider's View

Sent by Simon Seeber on 30 January 2002 09:09

>Philosophically I'm 100% behind standards, but I fear that demand will drive
>how the web looks -- not what I think is right. Right now I find it
>impossible to use CSS to replace the use of tables for layout while meeting
>the expectations/demands of my clients and delivering a site that works for
>99% of all browsers. And no matter how much I try to convince them that
>standards are important, that content is of primary importance, etc., etc.,
>they still want complicated design-centric solutions -- not the
>cookie-cutter designs that are the rage with CSS advocates (like me, BTW.)

Thats funny, because out of the three designs that I did, the client 
ended up picking the one that looks similar to what your describing 
here. Then they requested changes that makes almost exactly the same.

The other two designs where much more interesting and probably would 
have been easier to build in CSS. Actually now that i look at them 
again, one was more interesting.
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